The primary purpose of fieldcraft training is to develop a cadet's personal skills and knowledge in a wide range of activities which relate directly to working and living in a field environment. In addition, it offers a wide range of opportunities for leadership at all levels. Good fieldcraft training will maximise efficiency whilst moving across country by day and night. An individual's success in fieldcraft will also depend partly on his or her ability to use a map and compass.


Cadets will learn how to become sufficient in looking after themselves in the field. They will learn how to cook, build shelters and how to look after themselves in the natural environment. These skills will be put to use on activities such as their Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition, The Ten Tors challenge or deployed fieldcraft training exercises.



Navigation Training

Navigation Exercises make good training for reading instructions and maps. The basic idea is to tactically follow a route to complete a given objective, very much like orienteering. The teams will usually start out with a map, compass and a set of instructions. They will then move from point to point, where a new set of instructions will be available at each checkpoint. On longer expeditions it is important for the team leader to be aware of each team member's welfare ensuring everyone is fed, hydrated, taking appropriate rest breaks, and know where they are at any time.

Navigation Exercises

Navigation Exercise

Deployed Training Exercises

A deployed training exercise will take a wide range of fieldcraft skills learned from many of the above activities and consolidate them into one exercise. Cadets will often be split up into teams and given a scenario with the aim of completing a set objective. More experienced cadets will be assigned as team leaders and these exercises are a good way to develop their leadership potential.

Page last updated 2 January 2022.

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